autumn / giving

so autumn has arrived – surprise! and it´s one rainy sunday. which would be perfect to hang around and watch tv shows and eat all day long but i have done that pretty much all week long as i have been half sick so yep: i discovered i totally forgot to post the pictures i took last time i´ve been to salzburg. nothing special happened. just good old countryside and autumn (the sunny one).

i finally met brigittes dog harvey. he is a real cuteball!

i was at my grandma´s and she challenged me to fit into my mom´s old wedding dress. so i showed her i didn´t outgrow it yet (still i couldn´t really breathe properly)

anyways: no marriage planned so far. those dresses are wayy to uncomfortable!

sharon and me hanging out at my grandma´s

sweet grapes growing at the house – so delish!

leaves changing colours

i don´t know what that is but it looks pretty

we might need a little more of that for the winter

loads of apples














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