scary and good stuff on the countryside

so last weekend i went to salzburg to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend sharon for a little while cause they are off to egypt again. unfortunately he wont let me post any pics of him on my blog.

still i got some other ones to post…

we visited a friend of his who is practicing the old custom of Krampuslaufen . I think i mentioned it before. I kind of got a little traumatized as a child and still have problems to look at them running. Even though i know its a human with a mask, fur and a birch – as soon as i hear the sound of those bells i get in a rather panicky condition.  so it was kind of special for me to visit this guy who collects those masks and makes the costumes. have a look at those scary faces…

the baskets they wear on their backs. back then, they were putting in little children. i guess they are not allowed to do that anymore nowadays.

here we go

this should symbolize a witch.

look at those boobs

that‘s me trying on one of the masks. it's part of overcoming my fear i guess. and i have to admit: those things are heavy!

this was a lighter one. unfortunately it is all black inside and so was my face after wearing it.

so this was it from the cellar of krampus

back to more delightful things….

pancakes with strawberries, bananas and maple syrup for example

sharon having a conversation with mikesch

on saturday the weather was good. not so on sunday.

mikesch chilling on his favourite spot in the garden. weirdly enough this is where our other cat is buried. so i am not quite sure if he wants to protect her grave or just wants to make sure she never gets out there again...

having asparagus for dinner

take mom out for a late mothers day lunch

going out for lunch on the countryside still means no vegetarian meals sometimes. all you can eat then is the sweet stuff. for me it was Kaiserschmarrn (click on the picture for the wikipedia explanation)

visiting grandma

who prepared some delishious rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar

thats one of her four cats. she didn't buy one of them- they all just made their way to her and stayed. cause there is good food and cozy couches.

i don’t know if you remember this picture where i captured my grandma and her sister.

last weekend we visited her other sister. my goal is to get all 3 of them on one picture even though this might be a challenge cause the two of them don’t like to travel longer than 30 minutes. anyways: i will figure it out.

aunt maridl and grandma

next day it was time to go home again. and OF COURSE a tractor was in front of me.

who's the boss? I AM THE BOSS!

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